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Ludwig Schneider

We Supply an extensive range of Honeywell chemicals and products.

Capital Research Distributors, Durban, supplies research chemicals to Universities, Technikons, Hospitals and the Industry. Various types of industries such as the food, oil, petroleum, alcohol, dairies, pharmaceutical, rubber, water and sweet industries all uses chemicals in their manufacturing and research processes.

We proudly distribute an extensive range of high quality chemicals from the Honeywell brand.

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Improved Composition

Hydranal-Composite contains all the reactants including iodine, sulfur dioxide, and the bases imidazole and 2-methylimidazole, dissolved in diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE). Adding 2-methylimidazole in addition to imidazole improves the stability and eliminates the formation of crystals which can interfere with the titrator’s performance. The crystallization of the reagent was occasionally observed under the influence of airborne moisture and also after prolonged residence of the reagent in the Karl Fischer titrator‘s tube system. This effect is prevented by a new and improved formulation.
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Hydranal Composites

HYDRANAL-Composite 1

HYDRANAL-Composite 1 One-component reagent, titer ~1 mg/mL ...

HYDRANAL-Composite 2

HYDRANAL-Composite 2 One-component reagent, titer ~2 mg/mL ...

HYDRANAL Composite 5

HYDRANAL-Composite 5 One-component reagent, titer ~5 mg/mL ...

HYDRANAL-Composite 5 K

HYDRANAL-Composite 5 K One-component reagent for titration ...